Laser Tag

laser tag

Laser Tag is a fun sport that a person of any age can play.  Laser Tag is a safe and clean shooting game similar to paintball and air soft.  You’ll never have to wear safety equipment because players don’t shoot pellets or paint balls; Instead, Laser Tag uses completely safe beams that will never hurt anyone. Not using pellets or paint balls also means that there won’t be any residue or cleanup involved after playing.  And, players don’t need to wear a bulky vest or other gear, which makes our guns lightweight and easy to use.

The arena is Cowboys and Aliens.  It’s a Midwest Showdown meets a Galactic Battle. The spaceship has landed in the old west town, and now we can see which team will rule the galaxy.  We have 24 vests, fog machines, music and light show.

Our laser tag is flexible with its game design, allowing it to fit any group or setting. It is perfect for parties, family events, corporate retreats, etc. It can also appeal to any type of player, whether it those looking to have fun, or a competitive group wanting a challenge. Whatever you have in mind, we’re sure you can use Laser Tag to add fun and excitement to your time at Belt Entertainment.


Monday – Friday
Daytime:  $6.00
Nights & Weekends:  $8.00

*pricing is per person

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